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HANGING ART - 2/10/2012

So At What Level Should Art Hang? Guess What? NOT at "Eye Level"! :)

If I had a nickel for every time someone stated, “Hang Art at Eye Level”, I would be writing this post from space. Holy Mamma Mia, can you really hang Art at eye level? My brother from another mother stands 6'1?, & my mama is almost a foot shorter than me. You see what Im getting at hear, right? :)

Art is a very personal things. I cannot buy art for my sweetheart and I can assure you, she most probably could not buy it for me either. There are so very few rules about Art because it is so subjective. What you may choose to hang on your bedroom or kitchen walls depends on many elements such as personal taste, what mood you want to create, wall space, color of your decor, theme of the room, & even budget. But But But we just can't argue on the final decision of “How High to Hang Art.” That is Rule Numero Uno! Oh And By The Way I'm Not Italiano. :)

Just for giggles I would like to take 50 new Art buyers from all over the world & have them hang art at their eye level & see where it ends up. My guess is, the art would range from 4.1 feet off the ground to 6.2 feet. The average would be close to accurate.
Makes sense?

And that, my fellow inquisitive art lovers, is how the calculation of how high to hang art came to existence. It is an average of many “eye levels”. So Here is the exact way to determine where on your wall you should hang your Art.

Measure 58? from the floor to the 1/2 way point of the Art, framed or not.
For example, if the art measures 30? high, than the top of the art is hung 73? from the floor. Half of 30?, which is (15?) plus 58"in. However, you can adjust the artwork if there are very tall people in your home. Most people hang Art too high, now that you know the 58?in. rule, you will have the correct range to work with.

Some exceptions to this rule are..

If there is a large piece of furniture below the art, than you want to keep the artwork at least 5?in. above it. You do not have to worry if it’s a char, couch, or bar stool & what not, most people do not sit down and throw their heads back & hit the art unless they’re acting like a child or having a seizure. When you and your family or guests are sitting down & looking at your art on the wall, no one should be looking up to see it.

Rule #2: Thou shalt never crane one’s neck to look at Art, or LOOK UP at the art in this case.. That should have been written in the “good books”.
Craning is when you use your neck to look up. Art is meant to be appreciated, for lasting periods of time, without getting a kink in your neck. I'm sure the artists who spent hours painting, wanted you to have the same experience.

IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW HIGH YOUR CEILINGS ARE. If your eyes can’t view the art, without your neck tilting up, than you have simply hung your art too high. The solution to covering large wall space (with high ceilings that is) is to choose Oversized Art. But, the 58?in. rule is ALWAYS still in effect, from the floor to the center of that Art, before you hang it, Got it? :)

So you may ask, are there any other issues when it comes to the height of hanging art? If you are hanging 2 pieces of art vertically, one above the other, treat the 2 as if they are one piece. Place them on the floor first to determine the correct positioning. Whether you are stacking them or spacing them apart, the gap between your artwork should be about 3-5?. Once you’ve decided how they will be presented on the wall, keep the 58? rule in play. Therefore, one picture will be higher (than a single, stand alone piece) & the other will be slightly lower (than if it were by itself on the wall ), but the balance of the 2 will be at your “eye level”. Kapeesh? or Mapeesh? If So, Contact me & I'll Explain..

Yes Really, I should have written, “Average Eye Level” & that’s probably what the donkey forget to write. If you don’t believe me, just ask an art prof etc.


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